Monster Playhouse

The goal of this project was to study kindergarten curriculum in order to make an effective educational game teachers could let their students explore during activity time. This game was designed to help children develop their prior knowledge and social skills. Each one could make an in game account and take care of their own custom monster with likes and dislikes for them to understand and play with.
Characters the student get help and goodies from.
A happy monster, and a sad monster who wants to play. Even when a monster is happy, they can make additional requests to the player. Unhappy monsters are more likely to ask for games which should help the students further understand their feelings.
The camera game kids can play to learn what different expressions mean. This was built to be tactile, as making the students copy their monster's face would provide not only some fun results, but an understanding of what those expressions feel like.
Examples of Rocko giving the child User some help, or suggestions. In future iterations, he will be able to send messages and screenshots to other Monster Playground accounts on the app.
Shop overlays for when the child wants to grab new things for their monsters to try out. While a monster will have predetermined likes and dislikes based on the decorations the child puts on them at creation, they are designed to grow new interests! This is to teach the child trying new things is okay and makes their pet monster more dynamic!
The menu children can access in case they forget what their monster likes and dislikes. While the point is to help children with their prior knowledge, the game was designed to take into account how some children may struggle at first with such tasks and may require some additional help. To the right is what the default screen looks like with no notifications from the monster.

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